responses to Peter Gross: a talk revised

poets and photographs
Paul Simon: "I have a photograph ... preserve your memories ... they're all that's left you..." (Kodachrome versus the greens of Fuji)

My most precious portrait: a polaroid made at a school of a child in kindergarten.
While scanning at highest resolution, an HP scanner causes smoke to rise from the burning emulsion
Should have used the Canon scanner? No. Should have made a photographic archival copy.

On preserving diary entries: most haiku became stylized, hackneyed.
The earlier masters juxtaposed a second, jarring image (in poems which had first been merely a sort of frontispiece - now commonly a portrait photograph.) See: haiku painters.

Which photographs belong in a gallery? Which in a museum?
The Artist's Book: "Bestiary, or The Parade of Orpheus", by Apollinaire and Raoul Dufy
A drawing published in a book of poems now belongs; some such books are displayed in museums
"Joseph Brodsky: Leningrad: Fragments" by Mikhail Lemkhin

time and image: retention, protention

Last images and death masks: Brodsky in a snapshot of a group about Akhmatova in her open coffin.

William S. Burroughs, "A Naked Lunch": a question of editions (as to when is the veracity of a true account also part invention, even invention by others, in that 2nd Ed., Kerouac.)
On photographs: Michel Tournier (notable for a failed photobook: Voyage to Canada, 12 years or more late)